Consumer Law

Our client is a Consumer. Consumer Law touches almost every transaction that a person enters on a daily basis. Buying a new car (Lemon Law), or buying a used car (Consumer Sales Practice Act-CSPA), having your home remodeled (CSPA), having wrong information on your credit report (Fair Credit Reporting Act) are but a few of manty types of Consumer Transactions. We have the knowledge and experience to advise and represent our clients in Consumer Transactions.

The areas of Consumer Law which we can assist our clients are: Lemon Law, Used Vehicles; Credit Reporting Issues; Remodeling; Home Construction; Product Warranty; Contract Disputes; Car Repairs and Fraud and Misrepresentation. If you have been involved in a Consumer Transaction where you feel the supplier did not complete the work in a workmanlike manner, or you have been treated unfairly, or the product does not perform as promised, then please contact our attorneys for a consultation to determine if you have a Consumer Claim.

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