• Litigation

    It is understood that most businesses and individuals do not seek out filing a lawsuit because of the costs and uncertainty of the result. However when a client has no choice but to either pursue a claim or defend themselves, then a seasoned and experienced advocate is necessary. We have experience and have participated in jury/court trials in central Ohio and in Federal court.

    Trial advocacy requires knowledge about the trial process, the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Evidence, court procedures and strong analytical skills to provide a client analysis to determine if the case will be successful and cost effective. We do not seek to litigate a case for a client if we believe the trial would not be successful or cost effective.

    We can provide trial advocacy for numerous business/commercial disputes and complex business litigation such as: Shareholder Disputes; Business Torts; Business to Business disputes (i.e., collections, trade secret violations, breach of contract, restraining orders, and injunctions) Mechanics Liens; Breach of Fiduciary Duties; Real Estate Disputes; Faulty Construction Claims; Partnership Disagreements; Business Interference; Fraud and Ownership Disputes. If you want a seasoned advocate to represent you and an honest assessment of potential litigation that you may be facing please contact us for a consultation.

  • Elder Law

    Understanding and contemplating the legal and life issues of our older clients is an important part of our practice. Elder law planning is a process of exploring and designing a plan that focuses on the quality of life for a client’s later years, which gives the client and their family peace of mind.

    Elder law planning addresses many issues such as Medicaid, Medicare, Real Estate, Housing, Disability, Nursing Homes, Social Security, Mental Health, Guardianship, Health Care Directives, Elder Abuse, Probate, Insurance, Taxes, Trusts, Asset Preservation, Special Needs, Banking and Investments. A comprehensive approach is necessary because a solution in one area could cause problems in other areas.

    We understand and empathize with our clients that Elder Law issues are sometimes complex and difficult to handle. It is our desire to consult with our older clients and families to help establish a plan that emphasizes the quality of life and avoid stress and anxiety that many face when dealing with these issues without assistance. Please contact us and allow us the pleasure of assisting your Elder Law concerns.

  • Labor & Employment

    The relationship between employer and employee is one of the most important many of us have in our lives, and unfortunately this importance is often only made apparent when something in this relationship goes wrong. Employers depend on an efficient and productive work environment. Employees depend on employment for a livelihood. It is important when experiencing an adverse workplace situation that you know your rights and responsibilities.

    The law treats employees of public and private entities quite differently. Employment protections vary greatly depending on the employer, type of work, and the conduct in question. Many people understandably are unsure of what to do following an adverse employment experience, and we can help employees or employers understand their rights.

    Employment and labor law is a complex field that employees or employers should not to have to worry about when your focus is doing your job. If you are concerned that an employment relationship has developed that could raise an issue of liability, whether it is government, local or nation-wide company, let us know and we will advise you of what can potentially be done to remedy your situation.

  • Construction

    We represent and advise our clients in a wide range of construction law. We represent commercial contractors, residential contractors, owners, subcontractors, material suppliers, and design professionals. We understand and provide services for all types and stages of a construction project.

    The areas of Construction Law where we provide legal services are: Contract Creation, Negotiations and Preparation; Mechanic’s Liens and Payment Claims; Bidding and Estimates; Subcontractor Agreements; Construction Defect Litigation; Prompt Payment Act; 203 HUD Construction, and resolving construction disputes through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

    We are available to assist and advise our clients for any construction-related matter whether it is a large commercial construction project or residential remodeling.

  • Probate/Estate Administration

    The passing of a loved one is difficult and the emotions of such loss can be overwhelming. We understand such loss can be very disruptive and we assist our clients with compassion and experience to navigate this difficult time. We can assist with important and timely legal decisions during this tumultuous period.

    Probate Estate administration is a legal process where Probate assets are administered, and claims, debts and taxes are processed. Probating an estate requires the appointment of representative of the estate either an Executor (if there is a will) or an Administrator (no will). Some of the duties of the representative are: collecting the assets; identifying the claims and debts; determining the names, addresses, and relationship of the heirs; assessing the validity of claims and debts; preparing the necessary tax returns; distributing the assets to the heirs and following the instructions of Probate Court.

    We handle all aspects of Probate Estate Administration which can include: Full Estate Administration; Small Estate Administration; Guardianships; Trust Administrations; Non-Probate assets and Trust Administration, Land Sales; Federal Estate Tax Returns, Fiduciary Income Tax Returns and Estate Litigation (i.e., beneficiary disputes, trust litigation, will contests). Please contact us to learn more and allow us to assist you in this process.

  • Taxation

    The tax laws at every level are always in a state of change. The federal government, state, local jurisdictions, courts, IRS and regulators are always pursuing change in the law to expand the tax base and revenues. Tax laws affect all aspects of legal relationships and we have a strong working knowledge of the tax codes for individuals, businesses and estates to help you reduce your tax burden. We are licensed in the United States Tax Court.

    We provide services for our clients in the areas of Individual Income Tax Returns, Partnership Returns, Corporate Returns, Federal Estate Tax, Fiduciary Tax Returns, State and Local, IRS Audits, IRS Appeals, Claims for Refunds, State and Local Audits, Like Kind Exchanges, Tax Exempt Qualifications, Real Estate Valuations and Real Property Tax Valuations Complaints. If you have a tax matter and need a review of a return or you receive a notice from a taxing authority please contact our attorneys for a consultation.

  • Business Transactions/Organizations or Corporate/Business

    Starting a new business, purchasing or selling a business, changing the structure or bringing in new partners. The entrepreneurial spirit is infectious and exciting. We can help and guide you through the process.

    The type of entity (corporation, limited liability company, or partnership) needs to be analyzed beyond the tax effect. You should consider the terms of the agreements between your business associates, employees, contractors, vendors and customers. These agreements need to be clear and concise to protect you from liability, protect your investment, trade secrets, and limit potential disputes that may occur during the course of business.

    We are available to help and assist you through the process of creating your business dream, managing your current business issues, protecting your business from liability and selling your business.

  • Consumer Law

    Our client is a Consumer. Consumer Law touches almost every transaction that a person enters on a daily basis. Buying a new car (Lemon Law), or buying a used car (Consumer Sales Practice Act-CSPA), having your home remodeled (CSPA), having wrong information on your credit report (Fair Credit Reporting Act) are but a few of many types of Consumer Transactions. We have the knowledge and experience to advise and represent our clients in Consumer Transactions.

    The areas of Consumer Law which we can assist our clients are: Lemon Law, Used Vehicles; Credit Reporting Issues; Remodeling; Home Construction; Product Warranty; Contract Disputes; Car Repairs and Fraud and Misrepresentation. If you have been involved in a Consumer Transaction where you feel the supplier did not complete the work in a workmanlike manner, or you have been treated unfairly, or the product does not perform as promised, then please contact our attorneys for a consultation to determine if you have a Consumer Claim.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning is more than creating a Will. Many personal and legal issues must be considered before a comprehensive Estate Plan can be formulated to meet a client’s goals. A proper Estate Plan should be designed to meet a person’s or family’s unique financial and personal circumstances.

    Considerations that should be addressed in any Estate Plan include: Beneficiaries receive the maximum wealth after death efficiently, privately and without undue procedural or court complications; protection of assets, minimize taxes, avoid unnecessary court costs, or court delays; avoiding probate court; transfer of a family business; health care directives; avoiding family conflict.

    Estate Planning documents that should be considered are: Wills, Living Trusts, Financial Powers of Attorney, Digital POA, Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care, Living Will, HIPAA Release, Guardianship Nominations, and Funeral Arrangements. For more information about how we can help you achieve your Estate Planning goals please contact us.

  • Real Estate

    A transaction involving the purchase of real estate can be the most significant transaction in which a person or business engages. It is important to have experienced and knowledgeable counsel to advise you on all aspects of a real estate transaction.

    Whether it is a commercial transaction or residential purchase our clients need to
    consider the following: The formation of an entity, (Partnership, Corporation, LLC or Joint Venture), tax considerations, (Like Kind Exchanges, Basis Adjustments), development, tenant improvements, structuring acquisitions, financing, inspections, rights to remedy, property disclosures, marketable title, surveys, environmental reports, liens, structural defects, leasing, land contracts and litigation are some of areas which we can help our clients navigate the process of purchasing real estate.

    We are available to assist you in achieving your goals for the purchase of real estate.