Elder Law

Understanding and contemplating the legal and life issues of our older clients is an important part of our practice. Elder law planning is a process of exploring and designing a plan that focuses on the quality of life for a client’s later years, which gives the client and their family peace of mind.

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Elder law planning is addresses many issues such as Medicaid, Medicare, Real Estate, Housing, Disability, Nursing Homes, Social Security, Mental Health, Guardianship, Health Care Directives, Elder Abuse, Probate, Insurance, Taxes, Trusts, Asset Preservation, Special Needs, Banking and Investments. A comprehensive approach is necessary because a solution in one area could cause problems in other areas.

We understand and empathize with our clients that Elder Law issues are sometimes complex and difficult to handle. It is our desire to consult with our older clients and families to help establish a plan that emphasizes the quality of life and avoid stress and anxiety that many face when dealing with these issues without assistance. Please contact us and allow us the pleasure of assisting your Elder Law concerns.