Labor & Employment

The relationship between employer and employee is one of the most important many of us have in our lives, and unfortunately this importance is often only made apparent when something in this relationship goes wrong. Employers depend on an efficient and productive work environment. Employees depend on employment for a livelihood. It is important when experiencing an adverse workplace situation that you know your rights and responsibilities.

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The law treats employees of public and private entities quite differently. Employment protections vary greatly depending on the employer, type of work, and the conduct in question. Many people understandably are unsure of what to do following an adverse employment experience, and we can help employees or employers understand their rights.

Employment and labor law is a complex field that employees or employers should not to have to worry about when your focus is doing your job. If you are concerned that an employment relationship has developed that could raise an issue of liability, whether it is government, local or nation-wide company, let us know and we will advise you of what can potentially be done to remedy your situation.