It is understood that most businesses and individuals do not seek out filing a lawsuit because of the costs and uncertainty of the result. However when a client has no choice but to either pursue a claim or defend themselves, then a seasoned and experienced advocate is necessary. We have experience and have participated in jury/court trials in central Ohio and in Federal court.

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Trial advocacy requires knowledge about the trial process, the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Evidence, court procedures and strong analytical skills to provide a client analysis to determine if the case will be successful and cost effective. We do not seek to litigate a case for a client if we believe the trial would not be successful or cost effective.

We can provide trial advocacy for numerous business commercial disputes and complex business litigation such as: Shareholder Disputes; Business Torts; Business to Business disputes (i.e., collections, trade secret violations, breach of contract, restraining orders, and injunctions) Mechanics Liens; Breach of Fiduciary Duties; Real Estate Disputes; Faulty Construction Claims; Partnership Disagreements; Business Interference; Fraud and Ownership Disputes. If you want a seasoned advocate to represent you and an honest assessment of potential litigation that you may be facing please contact us for a consultation.