The tax laws at every level are always in a state of change. The federal government, state, local jurisdictions, courts, IRS and regulators are always pursuing change in the law to expand the tax base and revenues. Tax laws affect all aspects of legal relationships and we have a strong working knowledge of the tax codes for individuals, businesses and estate to help you reduce your tax burden. We are licensed in the United States tax Court.

We provides services for our clients in the areas of Individual Income Tax returns, Partnership Returns, Corporate Returns, Federal Estate Tax, Fiduciary Tax returns, State and local, IRS audits, IRS appeals, Claims for refunds, State and Local audits, Like Kind exchanges, Tax Exempt qualifications, real estate valuations and real property tax valuations complaints. If you have a tax matter and need a review of a return or you receive a notice from a taxing authority please contact our attorneys for a consultation.

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